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Message from The Bishop

 First and for most, on behalf of the Catholic Vicariate of Meki, I would like to share my deepest gratitude for your prayers and support of the Church and community. I recognize and appreciate that this prayers and support comes from thousands of people like you and me, who are Alive in Faith!

It is always good to remember that the Church is the continuation of the message of Christ and we are the Church to evangelize the present world. Prayerful study and powerful preaching of the Word, devout liturgical and Sacramental celebration and committed charitable services to the needy make our Church alive and faithful to the Lord.

Though our intervention is just a drop in the ocean, but we are striving to change the lives of the people we touch by encouraging them to restore their in-born potentials.

As the following passage from the gospel of John teaches us:

And when Jesus saw him lying there and knew he had been in that condition for a long time, he said, 'Do you want to be well again?'. 'Sir,' replied the sick man, 'I have no one to put me into the pool when the water is disturbed; and while I am still on the way, someone else gets down there before me.' Jesus said, 'Get up, pick up your sleeping-mat and walk around.' John 5:6-8 NJB

Instantly, as Jesus spoke the words, the man was completely healed. To show he was fully healed Jesus told him to pick up his bed and to walk. He did not need to go to "rehab" to learn to walk again. When he listened to Jesus’ words, he overcame his fixed idea that he needed someone’s help. When he tried to get up, Jesus’ power immediately began to work in him. His weakened body was restored and gained strength. He was healed mind and body and such is a true miracle healing by God.

The work of Secretariat is not just to give support but to pave the path that enables individuals to support themselves as the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Secretariat provides various resources and takes diligent steps to ensure that suitable developmental infrastructure in place so that our people can carry their own mat and walk.

Together let us make a difference in the work of Jesus Christ through your support of the Vicariate. For this I am so grateful.

Bishop Abraham Desta