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There are 36 Schools run by the Catholic Church in the Vicariate of Meki. Out of these 16 of them are Kindergarten, 16 Primary school, three secondary high schools and one TVET Collage. In another words, 13 of them are running pure kindergarten, four are a mixture of both Kindergarten and Grades (from KG to Grade 2, from KG to Grade 4 and from KG to Grade 7). This means one school from Grade 1-4, two schools from Grade 1-6, 12 schools from grade 1-8, one school from grade 1-10, two schools from grade 1-12.

Believing on the fact as education has proven to be the most effective tool and instrument in development programs to decrease mortality rates, increase health awareness and empower people to take charge of their destinies. Education has also enabled millions of people in various communities to be more aware of things surrounding them and how they can deal with society and their lives!

The MCS believes that education is the passport out of poverty. It is the key to building an independent, successful life. Education offers to children a chance to escape poverty, to enjoy better health and to live longer. It means that more children live free from exploitation and childhood can be a time of fun and learning.

Education is critical for the development of society and for enabling those have been excluded to become included in mainstream society. Holistic Education provides support to the poorest and most vulnerable children. The programme also works with community groups to raise awareness about the benefits of sending children to school.

We are united in our belief that knowledge is the catalyst that can help children transform the world around them. It is only with the help of generous donors and countless volunteers that we are able to do this work. Everyone has a role to play, and there are many ways to make a difference. How will you help to transform their worlds?