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Environmental Protection

MCS seeks a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security. Climate change poses the single greatest threat in history to achieving our vision. The impacts of climate change are already destroying livelihoods and aggravating financial, political, social and environmental inequities. Without urgent action, this could make it impossible for poor and marginalized people to reach a wide range of development and justice goals.

There is still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and prevent human suffering on an unprecedented scale, but we haven't a moment to lose.

Our strategic response focuses on the following themes: global policy engagement, adaptation, making carbon finance work for poor and marginalized people, and organizational change. We emphasis social justice, gender equality and empowerment in everything we do.

In most parts of the rural area continuous farming without replenishing soil nutrients has depleted farmland. Without access to fertilizers and organic matter in adequate amounts, farmers' yields have long stagnated. Thus, restoring soil fertility will allow smallholder farmers to grow more food on existing farmland and to protect a vital natural resource

While the role of improved agricultural technologies and farming practices in the transformation of agriculture is well understood, the importance of an enabling environment and incentives in driving the adoption of these technologies has not yet been sufficiently recognized.

We aim to improve the lives of small-holder farmers, especially women. We are building a platform to empower farmers and provide the backing they need to ensure the vicariate's food-security and environmental sustainability