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Peace & Justice

The role of Justice and Peace in the church today cannot be over emphasized. In the past, The church has participated in this Redeeming mission from her earliest days, preaching the good news of Reconciliations through her sacramental Ministry, and striving to bring about among all men the coming of the kingdom of God” a kingdom of truth and life, a kingdom of Holiness and grace, a kingdom of Justice ,love and Peace.”(Luke11:20:17:21).

The Church remains committed to this God given mission of human development and of promoting Justice, Love and Peace. Pope Paul VI (Populorum Progressio No.1) categorically expressed this as: True to the teaching and example of her divine founder, who sited the preaching of the Gospel to the poor as a sign of his Mission, the Church has never failed to foster the human progress of the nations to which she brings faith in Christ.

Given the frequently occurring droughts in the vicariate, disputes over pasture and water, or cattle rustling activities are common in the area of the vicariate that is inhabited by pastoralist communities. To address prevailing conflicts, local ad hoc peace initiatives developed that include local stakeholders and that are based on the value systems of the local communities.

MCS, believes passionately in peace, justice and equity. We have come to appreciate how urgent it is necessary to mobilize people and empower them, especially children, youth and women and mobilize resources in their favor so that they can seek, live for and work towards peace and development in the world using non-violent values, norms and interpersonal skills to solve conflicts among people because there are many very powerful forces working in the opposite direction.

We always vision a friendly world where there is a peaceful coexistence in which children, youth and women are empowered to realize their full potential by participating in building positive peace, sustainable development and respect for Human Dignity as the pillars for a just society.