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Water & Sanitation

As well as providing clean water in emergencies, MCS works to improve water supply, sanitation and hygiene to stop the spread of diseases in vulnerable communities worldwide. We also lead education programmes promoting good health and hygiene.

We help with making safer and better health care, improved sanitation and clean water accessible, wherever necessary, thus leading to an overall increase in the standards of living and wellbeing. Through sustained grass-root training and education as well as different economically viable local projects, a sense of personal responsibility emerges, resulting in taking charge and making informed decisions, in the interest of the entire community. We believe in ‘learning by doing’ and aim to help rural communities assume ownership of their homegrown abilities and powers. Health This project takes responsibility for ensuring that health, safety and welfare are managed effectively throughout the vicariate

Water is life. Without access to safe water, it is impossible to prevent disease and maintain good health. Water also plays a significant economic role in the community. If a woman spends most of the day walking many kilometers to fetch safe drinking water, she has little time for income generating activities or proper care of her family.

MCS seeks to increase access to sustainable, safe and adequate water, appropriate sanitation and hygiene practices. MCS’s goal is to reduce prevalence of WASH-related diseases such as dysentery, cholera, trachoma and typhoid and to protect women and children from WASH-related disease epidemics in MCS’s areas of operation.

  • Improvement of the efficiency of existing irrigation systems and introduction and encouragement of the use of more efficient irrigation systems such as sprinkler and drip irrigation systems;
  • Promotion of water harvesting techniques
  • Construction of dikes or small dams in most of the smaller streams of the river; and