Emergency Humanitarian Projects






Having the general goal to protect Lives and Livelihood of targeted rural people affected by emergencies-ECC-SDCBOM in collaboration with CRS- Ethiopia is implementing project entitled Joint Emergency Operation Plan (JEOP) which is donated by United states Agency for international development (USAID). It targets 6 districts of Arsi& west Arsi Zone in Oromiya regional state, Shalla, Negele Arsi, Heban Arsi, Dodota, Sire & Seru. Duration of the project is from August 1/2012 – December 31/ 2019.

Annual budget in FY 2018 ETH is Birr 288,213,208.3 including commodity value and the highest beneficiary reached in FY 2018 is 211,902 (111,768 male and 100,134 Female). Despite frequent public unrest interrupting commodity dispatch and distribution process, MCS able to manage the distribution of 20,241 .38 MT commodities, (Wheat 17,913 MT, YSP 1,791 MT and V.Oil 537.38 MT & reach to the targeted clients.