Health Care and HIV/AIDS

ECC-SDCBOM is working to strengthen the healthcare system aligning with the Global Development Goals and made significant investments in the public health sector which have led to improvements in the health outcomes in the fight against maternal & child mortality & morbidity control, malnutrition, communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS, TB, Leprosy, malaria, respiratory infection, and diarrhea and also in the control & prevention of non-infectious/ non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, trauma (injuries) & accidents. Currently, 7 health facilities (i.e. 1 rural hospital at Gambo, 1 health center at Shashamene & 5 clinics) are delivering health services to more than 246,737 clients in ECC-SDCBOM intervention area by investing more than 21 million ET Birr per year. The budget sources are from Meki Apostolic Vicariate and different Congregations. The main health services that delivered are; providing health service to the community in clinics, health center and hospital focusing on curative, preventive and health promoting components. Currently a total of 459 workers (362 male and 97female) are providing day to day service in the institution based on their profession. Out of which, 175 health professionals at different level (PhD 1, BSC Degree 41 Medical Doctors 12, Diploma 121) and 284 supportive staff.
































Orphans & Other Vulnerable Children, OVC & COVC:



The OVC-COVC is a program providing supports for the society of children from the streets and who lost their parents due to HIV/AIDS and other accidents. In order to meet the needs of children at risk, the care givers treat them and encourage to reach their potential. The main health & social services given in OVC and COVC Program are:

Home Visiting:

Clothing Support

Hygiene Support

Nutritional Support

Educational Support

Health Support











Program/project specific Health & Health Related Activities




The clinical services haven’t restricted for the catchment area population, the neighboring districts and zones of community also benefited from the organizations. As ECC-SDCBOM is a none profit humanitarian organization,all of the following clinical services delivered at 0 profit level.

Adult Outpatient Department (OPD) services:

Pediatrics OPD:

Surgical service:

Maternal Newborn Child Health (MNCH) services:

TB,Leprosy, Malaria, HIV & other communicable diseases control & prevention:

Non-communicable Disease (NCD)

prevention & control In-patient (admission) services:









shashemene Clinic
Curative Components:- clinical service interventions:
Gambo Rular Hospital
Meki Clinic

Training on MCHN related activities for health service providers (SURE, MAMAN, CBN, CMAM, IMNCI, CLTSH, HMIS & e-HMIS, CHIS…) were given for several years. Support Health facilities for the functionality of CMAM (established well equipped SC units at the majority of ECC-SDCBOM intervening HCs.

ENA, IYCF and case management & disease prevention messages were delivered to HHs particularly for mothers/care takers of children < 5 years, PLWs in all contact points at its HFs.Targeted supplementary feeding program (TSF) actively providing services of dry take-home rations for individuals with moderate acute malnutrition and no medical complications with Several food preparation and cooking demonstration sessions were conducted at community level.

Promote keyhole and backyard vegetable gardening at all ECC-SDCBOM nutrition implementation districts to ensure food security & diversity diet at house hold (HH) level. Provide vegetable seeds like tomato, carrot, cabbage, beetroot, Swiss chard, pumpkin and red fleshed sweat potato to HHs with children < 5 years and PLWs. Provide farm materials to HHs for keyhole and homestead vegetable production purpose. Provide different health & nutrition promotion posters, brushers, guidelines for WoHOs, HFs and HDAs. Provide P&G water purifier chemicals to communities who have no access for clean water (pip water) by DFSA project in PSNP districts.

HOME VISITING: Increasing the quality of the home visits has been also one of the objectives of this year. We are aware of the importance of home visiting to collect updated information from the families and detect any kind of problems or needs.

Care & support for HIV/AIDS patients, Orphans & debilitated clients are one of the activities which made MCS health facilities popular in the communities.