Institutional Capacity Building and Knowledge Management department





Institutional Capacity Building and Knowledge Management department is at its tender stage in as far as department deliberations and functions are concerned. The department is keenly working on the existing institutional operation setup. The department views the institution from three levels; Individual, Organization and Environment.

At individual level the institution has to empower the will and the ability of the Human Resource to set objectives and achieve them using one's knowledge and skills in a competent & humble manner. The focus areas are individual knowledge; skills, attitude, health, spiritual outlook & awareness are the few determinant factors to be standardized as per the principles of the institution.

The second domain is organization; anything that pursued in an organization requires holistic capacity and organizational commitment for improving performance invested on. Human resource capacity in an organization, physical resource, facilities, equipment, material and capital are the wholesome what an organization is to make.

Some of the intellectual resources of the institution are (organizational strategy, planning to plan, business know-how, promoting technology, program management, process management, inter-institutional linkages are areas of work. Organizational structure and management methods which affect the utilization of institutional resources (human, physical intellectual assets, organizational culture, incentive and reward system and leadership thought) will be shaped and devised continually.

The third domain is the environment and the condition necessary for demonstrating capacity at the individual and organizational levels. It includes, systems and frameworks necessary for the implementation of polices and strategies beyond the need of an individual organization. It includes administrative issues, legal stands, feeding on technology and political health, and economic power, social and cultural environments. The inner institutional heritages (culture,norms, social capital, social infrastructures and virtues) capacities of individuals and organizations under the environment would be sensitized.

In brief, learning the acquired knowledge capital and its proper use are key areas of research development sites and outlets of opportunities. The department would actively entertain sector wise knowledge for meaningful learning purposes, right from the designing phase of the project. The department fosters the use of newly gained knowledge and the learning is discussed for triangulating the intended behavior of the individual, organization and the environment engaged in.

It is vital to understand carefully ICBKM is about institutional dynamics in relation to the individual in it & the environment that will be interacted with. This strategic direction aspires to deeply introspect how this institution venture on in as far as its holistic institutional internal and external reliability is concerned.

As learning, researching and developing institution, it has to navigate ways of paradigm shift as per Catholic Social Teaching principles to deeply understand what humanity ought to learn from one another. Institutional capacity building & knowledge management department issue is about creating enabling individual, organizational and operating environment in order to become instrument of human livelihood.