The Apostolic Vicariate of Meki, as one of the 13 jurisdictions of the Ethiopian Catholic Church, has been engaging both in the pastoral and social development programs and continue to bear witness to the fundamental social values of the Church: love, truth, freedom, justice, peace and mercy by promoting Integral human development of all members of the Ethiopian society. Our commitment of realizing the spiritual, physical, socio-cultural needs of the people remains critical. Our Church has contributed to fulfill these needs through its principles of human dignity, solidarity, stewardship, subsidiarity, common good and preferential option for the poor.

These principles are the driving forces behind our endeavors to realize sustainable development in our community where people live in the spirit of solidarity and peace. Our work of solidarity is a pathway to true peace. We believe that peace is another name of development. Our engagement in development programs is one way of contributing towards a sustainable peace in our operational area. I would like to invite our staff and all stakeholders continue to be instruments of peace in your commitments to ensure this true peace Ethiopia needs critically today. We can’t think of true peace without the light of education; we can’t think of true peace without health facilities to the poor; we can’t think of true peace without ensuring basic needs of our community; we can’t think of true peace without creating capability and empowerment of our vulnerable groups. All our activities throughout this fiscal year have been promoting peace directly and indirectly.

Our social development wing is witnessing to this mission, vision and core values of the church in its operational areas so much so that our people would benefit from programs and projects that are designed to ensure sustainable and integral human development. I take this opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed towards the successful achievements of this fiscal year. Thanks to you and your hard work that the Church’s commitment for peace has got its practical platform in the programs and projects we implemented.

May God bless you all and the people we serve