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Even if, the school has long years of service for primary education, the community is deprived of secondary education. As a result, either the children have been forced to walk long distance to get access for secondary education or else the majority of student who completed grade eight will be forced to drop out from the school. This severely affected girls’ education as they will be subjected to different abuses like sexual,abduction, snatching school materials as they travelling to school. By understanding this critical and longlisting problem, ECC-SDCBOM realize the construction of secondary school with a total budget of Birr 3,433,750.50 with support of Caritas Bolzano. The construction has started and will have 2 blocks of 8 classroom and 2 offices within the 2 blocks.


Education and Training
ECC-SDCBOM Education and Training Department is committed to deliver quality education that guarantees a child a bright future to succeed in life’s challenge and academic excellence.It creates an enthusiastic spirit towards commitment that helps school community to put their energy, knowledge and skill to shape students. Such commitment makes ECC-SDCBOM Catholic Schools different from other schools in all the intervention areas. For this reason,parental choice for catholic schools is growing in all church jurisdictions for its quality,consistency and integral human development. In addition to the commitment of the teachers,the schools are also known for their strong emphasis on discipline and moral education. Theintegration of Ethical education with that of secular education clearly depicts the holistic education directed towards the formation of the whole person.

Under the ECC-SDCBOM, there are 47 formal schools that offer basic education for 24,529 students and out of which 11,939 are girls. The categories of these schools are as follows: - 18 kindergartens, 1 school for the blind, 15 primary schools, 8 secondary schools, 4 preparatory schools and 1 TVET collage whose services are highly esteemed by the community. There are more 91 teachers and administration workers (532 male and 459 female) serving in these schools.

















The new building has improved the facilities according to the new Ministry of Education standard and it will highly benefit the school communities.
The school has started to give additional service to students who want to attend classes in their mother tongue which is Afan Oromo, the regional language since September 2018.
The conducive classrooms, furniture, laboratory classes and computer rooms are basic inputs for the provision of quality education. The larger community would benefit from this quality educational services of the school.

The intake capacity of the school has increased and responded to the long-waited demands of Meki and the surrounding communities. Currently, more than 2,608 students are attendingclasses and more that 116 teachers and administration workers are giving the services.


As a result of the huge demand from the communities for expansion & to increase the in-take capacity of the school, Meki Catholic High School construction project started in March 2014.The church is grateful for the support it has got from Yoni Foundation & Caritas Austria to make the new building a reality. As per the design, (The building has a disability friendly ramp) the project was planned to construct G+2 classrooms building with different facilities.

Eventually, after four and half years, the construction work had been completed successfully.The building has a total of 25 classrooms rooms (16 class rooms, 1 teacher’s staff room,1 computer room, 3 science laboratories, 1 Drawing room, 1 academic and 1 discipline unit head offices and 2 administrator’s office with partition for the principal, vice principal,secretary and accountant). The school was officially inaugurated on October 10, 2018 by 2 Deputy Education Heads from Oromia Regional Bureau, Bishop Abraham Desta, Rev.Abba Gobezayehu Getachew, Donor partners and stakeholders from different levels.











The construction of Shashamene Catholic Secondary and Preparatory School is going well. At this time, the construction work for the ground, 1st floor and 2nd floor has completed. By now, left with finishing work such as final plastering and painting and it is providing service with the remain work.
























Meja Lalu Holi Trinity Catholic School Library & Teachers’ Residence



In order to improve the standard of the school, it is mainly concerned about the construction of teachers’ house nearby the school compound and construction of a school library with an office with furniture and reference books. As the school is found in the rural village outside Meki town, it does not have teachers’ house, library and reference books for further reference
for students and teachers. As a result, teachers are forced to travel long distances every day to teach in the school as the school is located about 12 kms away from Meki town. All teachers except two are living in Meki town, so they have to travel 24 kms on foot every day to go to and come back from school. It is a serious challenge for the school as well as for the teachers to provide quality education to the students. As a result, the need to construct teachers’ house near by the school compound will help the school to run the teaching learning process smoothly as well as to provide quality education as the teachers will be available for the students during class hour after school.
Capacity Building and Volunteerism

In the education capacity building programs, different school leaders are capacitated with various trainings to run the schools effectively and efficiently so that, they make sure that the quality of education is maintained and the schools are run well. As a result, different volunteers came at various times from United State, Wisconsin, to share their experiences, to help teachers & school leaders to improve English language skill, to give leadership capacity trainings and educational experience exchange, to create awareness on student centered teaching and modern teaching strategies with teachers and school leaders of catholic schools. The training was conducted two times in a year.









With the support of people with good heart, Shashamene Catholic School for the Blind was established in 1981, with the objective of educating the visually impaired children of the country. This was, and still is, a dire need of the country. The quality of Shashamene Catholic School for the Blind is truly meeting the needs of a few visually impaired boys and girls who without this school most would not have an opportunity for attending class at such quality.Loret Yetnebersh Nigussie a lawyer and civil right activist and Tewodros Tsegaye, lawyer and Journalist; are some of nationally and internationally recognized fruits of Shashamene Catholic School for the blind.

Every year about 90/100 children are registered in Shashamene Catholic School for the Blind Currently, there are 80 visually impaired (32 girls & 48 boys) children with boarding facilities.The school covers full expenses of its students from Grade 1 to 6 where they are taught basics of Braille system as well as training in Mobility and orientation etc
Shashamene Catholic School for the Blind