Historical Background of Vicariate of Meki



The Apostolic Vicariate of Meki is one of the 12 dioceses of the Ethiopian Catholic Church. Its territory was part of the Apostolic Vicariate of Harar. March 6th 1980, the Territory was erected to a Prefecture Apostolic, headed by Fr. John Bonzanino, IMC as Apostolic Administrator. December 8th 1981, Abba Yohannes Weldegiorgis (from the Eparchy of Adigrat- Tigray) was appointed Prefect Apostolic, taking over the See on 6th April 1982.

The Vicariate includes the Zones of Arsi and East Showa, Formerly called "Haycochina Butajira Awraja" and part of the "Yerer Kereyu Awraja", the right hand area of the Awash River, including Wonji area Sugar Plantation.

The Vicariate is composed of 12 parishes, five clinics, two high schools and 10 eight grade schools. In all of the vicariate parishes, schools and other projects, there is a significant advancement in the development activities which the Vicariate undertakes.

Through the Meki Vicariate, the Church has been able to make significant and effective input into the social, economic and political engineering. We have left indelible marks in the health sector, education, community development and general infrastructural development in the country.

By collaborating with each other, we can make better use of all of our resources in order to strengthen the witness and activity of the Church, and to be better stewards of the many gifts with which we have been blessed by God. We are called by Christ and gifted by the Spirit to be responsible Christian Stewards.



Our Mission


Empowered by the holy spirit, we are commissioned to continue the mission of jesus as active ministers of the church and stewards of god's gifts, and by living out the gospel's values as we reach out to the members of the society we live in.


Our Vision



We are a church that continues her work of service through her ministering to all God's people, especially the youth and the unchurched by promoting and nurturing holiness, discipleship and stewardship.