ECC-SDCBOM WASH strategy obey the FDRE Ministry of Water Resources -Ethiopian Water Resource Strategy-2000; the FDRE Ministry of Health - National Hygiene and Sanitation Strategy-December 2005 and the CRS Water Supply and Sanitation Strategydeveloped in East Africa. Accordingly, the WASH department objective is to contribute towards improving the health and well-being in rural areas by increasing domestic water supply and sanitation access and adoption of good hygiene practices in an equitable and sustainable manners.
In the course of project implementation, under all circumstances of existing technology,
socio-cultural and economic environment the department has ensure operational principles
get maintained: -

The purpose of project is to improve the health of associated communities

Integrate improved water with sanitation promotion

Partnership are essential for effective project development and sustainable change

Project is measured in terms of behavior changes in the use of water and sanitation facilities

Project success can occur only through the empowerment of communities